The Abduction

It’s carnival time, and Venice is one big party. No one notices the slim figure in the feathered mask wandering away from the crowd. No one hears her shout as a hood is pulled over her head and a van with blacked-out windows carries her away. Mia Elston is the daughter of a US army officer stationed near Venice. But who would take her, and why? A video appears on the anonymous website of the terrified teenager hanging by her shackled ankles. A message scrolls across the screen.

According to America, this is not torture. At 7pm, she will not be tortured…

An activist group demanding an end to US military bases in Italy claims responsibility. But Captain Kat Tapo of the Venice Carabinieri or US intelligence analyst Holly Boland are not convinced. Danielle Barbo, the reclusive hacker and genius behind, has never allowed the authorities to access his servers. But when Italy’s secrets begin to surface, he must make a difficult choice. If the truth isn’t discovered in time, Carnivia itself could be in danger.